Hey, I'm Lindsay!!

I could have just posted a photo of myself, that is what most people do. But, let's be real, my family and my business are my life. I have a hard working husband and son, a daughter in college, and two awesome rescue pups.

How do I put passion in to my family life?

- We eat dinner together almost every night at our table.

- We actually talk at dinner, and laugh at what are probably inappropriate dinner conversations.

- We keep traditions alive! Christmas Eve church, seasonal camping, and a yearly vacation together somewhere awesome.

How do I put passion in to my business?

- I give it my all! I once broke a toe just hours before a wedding. So, I taped that bitch up to another toe, shoved it in my shoe and rocked that wedding!

- I am always chasing the light. Always trying to find that little light peeping through or casting down.

- My couples become my friends. Real friends.

- I make it fun! We laugh, a lot. A lot of the times it's because of my potty mouth, or me saying things to the groomsmen like, "come on guys, nut to butt!" True story.

Things I love:

- Unicorns, butterflies, tattoos, spiced rum, chocolate, homemade mashed potatoes, the color burgundy, apocalyptic shows, all the dogs, traveling, camping, the ocean, the mountains, cool hanging lights.

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